1. Dana International
Dengan lagunya yang berjudul “Diva” dia berhasil menjuarai 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. Ajang paling bergengsi dunia musik di daratan eropa sana. dia menjadi salah satu penya israel paling sukses sampai saat ini. dia sekarang menjadi juri di acara Israel Idol.

2. Ataru Nakamura
Born in Tokyo on 28 June 1985, Nakamura began studying music at a young age. She taught herself to play the piano, guitar, and the drums at age ten, and began to write her own songs at the age of thirteen. In 1999, at the age of fourteen, she released an indie label album called Shouchikubai as her prize.

3. Aderet
Her 2008 single “Say No More” became a hit in Lebanon following rotation on “Beirut Nights,” a Lebanese Internet radio station devoted to dance music.[2] Aderet’s first English-language album, Jewish Girl, is scheduled for release in 2009.

4. Lady
Lady released their first album in 2005, consisting of only a few tracks, with many of them being remixes of their first two singles, “Attention” and “Ladies Night”. However, they were able to perform on Korean music shows only a handful of times, while their music and videos were not well-received. In order to drum up more publicity, they released a photobook featuring nude shots of all the Lady members.

5. Kim Petras
Kim Petras (born August 27, 1992, Cologne, Germany) is an aspiring German teen pop singer. She creates electronic dance pop music and is signed to independent record label Joyce Records.

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